Weber Spirit E-210 Review

In recent years many changes took place all around us that oftentimes we get caught up in between. Schedules became too tight that we cherish special holidays as an excuse to organize big get together parties yet forget that space can be a concern. In a time when more people move in the cities because of better opportunities, only a few families live in homes with wide surrounding lawn appealing for a cookout. The host needs to consider dancing space and cooking space all within the area of the apartment unit for a family or beer and barbecue nights at a bachelor’s pad.

A new and better grill experience

To address the changes in demand for convenience and functionality, the renowned manufacturers of BBQ tools, equipment, and related products, Weber-Stephen launched cleverly designed and affordable gas grills. They answered space-related issues by reconstructing previous massive models to be sleek and handy but is guaranteed to deliver similar gourmet experience. Materials were outsourced but maintained quality and durability to cater to stiff competition on costs and value. All of these changes and more yet they stuck with their unique customer services to be able to fully satisfy existing clients and welcome possible new patrons.

Gold Medal Awardee

The company is committed to balancing innovation, quality, and cost.  A proven fact that throughout the years their products continue to stand out and be humbly marked as the gold standard for a worthy barbecue experience.  Quite recently a new series of gas grills came out in several designs and specifications to cater many and unique barbecue enthusiasts. Most clients attest that Weber gas grills live up to their expectations of possessing smart functionality, varied specifications and durability for many years of use. One of the widely owned models is the Spirit series that cuts through other cheap and unreliable brands. This is the company’s entry level for the least expensive gas grill lines that utilize 304 to 430 stainless steel material. All these features combined one may think it can go up as high in the retail market for $600- $800 but in reality outlets or main stores offer this for a good value of $400-$500.

The Spirit E – 210 is a classic beauty as it is well made and considered by most owners to be one of the best serviceable barbecue equipment. It is a 2-burner model redesigned for small spaces ideal for urban areas. But do not be deceived with its seemingly lesser size as it can still give a full grill experience. It boasts with 360 square inch plate area that could span out a total of 450 square inches of cooking space.  This could definitely save you cooking time as well when you put all together with the meat or veggies in just one go.

To power up the grill, we say goodbye to torches, matches or other igniting devices as the product comes with an innovative electric crossover ignition. It while firing up from the supply of natural or propane gas housed in a covered tank or the signature LP cart with gauge monitor to estimate fuel level through measurement of the tank weight. It also has a mounted thermometer on the hood for close temperature monitoring, especially in cooking steaks.

It operates on impressively made 2 stainless steel burners that connect from the front going to the back on accessible control knobs found at the front panel of the model.

To preserve the flavor and texture of meat being cooked, they incorporated porcelain material on the grill grates over stainless steel enamel finish and aluminum cast construction for the body. The whole body is cradled on four with two locking casters for mobility and secure placement on the flooring respectively.  The trademark of Weber grills are the V-shaped flavorizer bars covering and protecting the burners that work on vaporizer drips to return the flavor onto the meat. In comparison to the usual wire grills, the cast iron ones retain the heat much better and beautifully sears meat because it can generate enough heat flux as evidenced by the measured BTU it can attain.

The grease pans are actually accessible from the front portion of the grill and compliments or show off through enamel grates, on housing and single door enclosed gas cart porcelain cooking surface. The work surface is aluminum with edges capped with practical tool hooks. Cooking heat comes from two 13, 250 BTU burners made of tubular stainless steel mostly made separately from quality control factories in China. It also includes a 90 square inch warming rack that jumpstarts the preheating process before actual cooking time.

The newly improved design now comes with front control knobs to give it a more slim appearance. Convenience and aesthetic appeal are attributed to the folded tables on both sides that is readily accessible for food assembly but easily tucked away when in storage. In feedback from a customer about this, he mentioned the reliability of these tables not to slide off when compared to other brands. It was constructed to function gracefully on your small condo patio or balcony where most states legally allow gas grills.

Variety of food preparations

You can choose from simple burger patties to steak or chicken breast and even vegetable kebabs. The cooking temperature is a relatively wide range from low to medium or even higher for roasting. The possibilities are endless indeed!

Considered to be the least expensive among other small grill models, it is built with quality stainless steel that marks the manufacturer’s reputation on durability.

Retail Store and Outlets

Due to high demand, the manufacturer made it available in as many stores as they can possibly for both online or walk-in purchase.  Whether you order it online you can avail of free shipment or arrange for pick up in your selected store. Amazon guarantees free shipment while in-store pick up is accepted in Home Depot, Ace Hardware and Lowe’s. An exclusive discount can be given at 5% off and free shipment by Target all across the country upon presenting the REDCard.

With all this laid out, you can now go grab your own Weber Spirit E 210 and enjoy an exciting and scrumptious barbecue party right at your own humble abode with friends and family!

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