Weber 7371001 Summit E-670 Review

Produces delicious barbeques

If you need help to make all kinds of delicious meals, from rotisserie meat to pizza, this top of the range Weber Summit BBQ is the best option for you.

A 6 Burner Gas Grill With Plenty Of Power

Its excellent fuel economy is paired with the professional cooking performance it provides. Cutting edge features inside a huge and robust construction with powerful six burner gas grill is what you can find in the Weber E-670 Barbecue. You have many years of quality service if guaranteed if you acquire his amazing barbecue, this is for those who take their grilling seriously. The Weber E-670 Barbecue has been tested to live up to your expectation and make sure you will enjoy value for money.

Setting Up

Upon arrival, the Weber Summit E-670 Barbeque comes in different pieces and assembly is required. You can benefit from expert delivery upon purchase to avoid its quite complex procedure that might take around five hours, this way you will make the process less annoying and stressful.

Using the Weber E-670 Barbecue

This amazing gas grill comes with six burners that include a smoke burner, sear burner, side burner, an rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner, making this product largely capable and also is appealingly design to have a good look in any backyard or garden.

Weber manufactures grills that can provide even and good heat with optimized and minimal fuel consumption while at the same time lets you have a professional cooking finish, and this is one of the reasons this brand is known for the high quality of their products.

There is also a cabinet space available for storing the rod and forks and the rear mounted rotisserie motor can be stow away inside the same grill, making this an added convenience. The infrared rotisserie burner has downwards angle to mount it, so it ensures evenly distribute heat while stays clean, and this is even better.

Thanks to its catch pan that can be slid easily out of the unit and the removable grease tray, this grill is really easy to clean and maintain. The burner tubes require only periodic cleaning and brushing with a stainless steel brush in order to keep it good, so it is specially designed to be low maintenance. The flavorizer bars are robust and durable, and also very easy to take care of without the need of seasoning them, which lend an even better flavor to the food.

There’s a burner mounted in the center of the grill for a better heat distribution and searing without reducing the grilling area with a power of 10,600 BTU. There’s also a smoker box with a smoker burner capable of producing smoke for several hours. You can obtain a more authentic barbecue flavor while cooking slowly over a low heat with extremely controlled flame, thanks to the clever configuration of the burners mounted on the grill. The user has the convenience of multi tasking and speeding up the food preparation with the side burner, and with its flush mount it will never get in the user’s way while is busy cooking.

Cast aluminum and porcelain enameled steel are some of the quality materials used in the construction of the Weber E670 Barbecue. The long lifespan of this grill is ensured by its superior materials and strong welding. The user will have a better visibility no matter the time of cooking thanks to the complete battery grill light mounted in its handle.

This product comes with the protection of the manufacturer’s warranty and 24/7 customer support 364 days per year, as you would expect from a product made by such reputable company like Weber.

Weber E-670 review: Main features

  • Even distribution of high heat provided by six stainless steel burners
  • Customer support and amazing manufacturer’s warranty
  • Durability and efficient output due to its high quality construction from cast aluminum, stainless steel and enameled steel
  • Infrared rear burner easy to clean
  • Rotisserie motor that can be tuck away
  • Authentic barbequed flavor provided a smoker burner
  • Inbuilt thermometer incorporated for more convenience
  • 2 cooking areas made from stainless steel
  • 6 hooks for tools
  • Front locking mechanism in heavy duty castors for more easy movement
  • Separate storage area for the fork and spit of the rotisserie
  • Individual controls for the snap jet burner ignition system
  • Fuel gauge
  • Catch pan and grease tray completely removable and easy to clean

Weber E-670 Barbeque Specifications

  • 57 inches in height x 74 inches in width and 30 inches in length
  • Manufacturer’s limited warranty of 5 years
  • 4 tubular burners of 12,200 BTU
  • Grilling space if 468 square inches
  • 12,000 BTU in the side burner output
  • 12,000 BTU in the main burner output
  • 10,600 BTU output in the infrared rear mounted rotisserie burner
  • 6,800 BTU output in the internal smoker burner

This leading brand has made of the Weber E670 Barbeque the impressive product of quality and high performance that you would expect. This grill with endure many years of constant use thanks to its hard construction made only from the highest quality materials, this and many features more make this grill an excellent solution for outdoor food preparation. You can obtain great tasting perfectly cooked food due to its powerful gas burners and make several types of food at the same time with the versatile arrangement and configuration. The user can cook whole joints easily with the tuck away rotisserie.

The infrared rotisserie saves a lot of space because it is rear mounted, besides, thanks to its downward angle it is really easy to clean while it distributes more even the heat through the food. You will effortless turn your backyard or garden into an outdoor kitchen with the stainless steel preparation areas , and you will have an adequate storage for your rotisserie fork and rod, and for many items you would use, with the cabinet style construction. The user has the ultimate power over their food production because every burner is individually controlled and operated, and you will get a much more authentic charcoal feel to the finished product with the inbuilt smoker burner.

Weber has named Summit the series of top of the line gas grill, these are larger and upgraded models among which we can find the Summit E 670 and the S 670. You will get six stainless steel main burner and a lot of more extras with the 670. As a setup from Weber Genesis, they have better construction, performance, and price. The Summit cooks beautifully, looks neat and have several great feature that will improve you grilling experience.

Summit carriages are made of painted metal with cast aluminum lids. The main difference between the E and the S is that the E has the doors and bonnets made of black porcelain and the S of stainless steel. But it is the only difference since both have basically the same price and share the same characteristics.

This amazing grill is equipped with 6 main burners that have a power of 10,000 BTU each. It has a special burner to brown with a power of 10,600 BTU located in the center of the grill, as well as a side burner with power of 12,000 BTU. As you can see, this machine is a beast when it comes to its cooking power. For cooking beads with asurprising space of 624 square inches in total, you also have a removable cooking rack with a space of 145 square inches.If you use the burner to brown at the same time as the other 6 main burners you get even more power.

At the back of the grill, you also have an infrared burner and has a power of 10,600 BTU. Finally, you also have a great burner dedicated to producing smoke to give that tasty touch of smoke to your meats, with a power of 6,800 BTU. In conclusion, you will not lack heat, space or any tool to cook the most delicious meats and meals for you and your whole family.

This grill is fully controllable with the control panel that tells you, in turn, which stoves are on and which are not.

The Summit Series LP models feature an LED pointing fuel indicator that will be extremely practical, so you won’t run out of fuel mid-fuel mid-grille, or you can prevent it. The grill has flavoring bars made of 9-millimeter stainless steel that will provide your meat with fruit. They are made in a double layer of steel for double coating and additional heat insulation. With the “Snap-Jet” you will be able to turn on your grill very easily, with piezoelectric technology that is activated from the control panel with the respective knobs. On the handle it has lights to light up your food when you cook at night and see well what you’re doing, so you won’t burn your flesh or become raw. You’ll see well where you’re roasting. A valid criticism received is that it is not an internal light, but an external light, and this is a problem since usually the barbecues are left out exposed to rain and all kinds of dirt that can damage them.

Summit grills have an air outlet specially designed so that rainwater does not enter that can damage internal components. These exits are strategically located above the control panel. Most of the components with which this grill is made with waterproof, but the cart in which it is located is not, so it is good to have such precautions. This is also a good indicator that the brand makes high quality products with an excellently thought out design, for durability and efficiency.

Speaking of well thought out design, Weber has included in this kitchen a folding side tables, storage cabinets, garbage cans included and additional burners to the sides. So this is a steakhouse designed to really turn your patio or garden into a real outdoor kitchen with all that it is involved. This means a true roasting experience with all the necessary add-ons.

In conclusion, the Weber Summit E-670 is one of the largest and best on the market. It’s impressive how many advantages and facilities it offers. It has everything the E-470 could leave you wanting, as it is larger, offers more kitchen space, greater heat power, and many more features that make it easier to cook. Actually this roast is worth the price difference that there are compared to lower ranges on the market.

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