Weber 62011001 Genesis II E-410 Review

At the top the best products reviews and sales lists is where the Weber Genesis grills has been for almost three decades. Until 2017 the Genesis grill have always come with three burners, and this feature remained unchanged, but now they come in presentations of two, three, four and six burner configurations. And however, an extra burner is not the only thing that Genesis has changed in their grill, they now come redesigned burners and ignitors, besides a completely new compatibility with the iGrill 3 bluetooth temperature monitoring system of the same brand. The classic version of four burners remains amazing, and it is still the cornerstone of the brand.


  • Durable parts due to its solid construction
  • Warranty of 10 years, all-covered
  • Weber Support
  • Extraordinary even a still heat


  • Due to its big size the heat produced is not too powerful


  • It has four stainless steel burners of 12,000 BTU
  • Cooking area of 844 square inches with a primary grilling space of 646 square inches
  • The main burners produce an output of 48,000 BTU maximum
  • The construction is made of cast aluminum, stainless steel and enameled steel
  • Hood with dual layer
  • Open cart design
  • The available colors are black, copper, smoke colors and crimson
  • Not convertible: only sold for propane or natural gas
  • Warranty of 10 years with all covered
  • Item sold separately: the propane tank, the rotisserie kit and the cover
  • Product made in China


When you were about to buy a Weber Genesis Grill in the past the options were limited to whether or not to have a side burners and external cosmetic elements like colors, stainless steel doors and hood. But you can now choose between the range from a small two burners presentation to the huge six burners unit, giving you a wide variety of choices that suits your grilling needs. The six burners model is the only one that comes in multiple colors, and Weber is expecting this grill to be the most popular widest distributed, not only in America but throughout the world.

The whole cooking system has now been redesigned with what Weber calls the GS4 cooking system, and the difference is noticeable specially in the burners. This means that this grill not only comes with an extra burner, but it is actually a new and excellent choice.

The fire shots directly into the flavourizer bars and are tapered so they provide an even heat throughout the whole grill, this happens because of the new burners that are now rectangular, tapered and top ported, instead of the ones of the old grills that were the typical stainless steel tubular burners. The pressure inside the burner is the same through each port because the pressure inside the burner is the same all the way through.

The new ignition system is the other innovation this product comes with. Each of the igniters now come with a protective cuff even though they’re powered by AA batteries and start via a push button. Weber is so confident in this that they have give the ignition system a 10 years warranty, which is the longest and most complete warranty in this industry. All other brands are going to have to catch up on reliability and so much more to compete in this one against Weber.

Every square inch of the primary cooking surface provides up to 75 BTU so the Genesis grill design is very efficient and hold on to heat quite excellent, but is not the most powerful in the market. We find that this grill is a bit slower, like its predecessors, to heat up and it doesn’t get as hot as its competitors, so the efficiency doesn’t go beyond. But most people don’t find a real issue in this in regard to the needed performance. This grill still counts with a good heat transfer due to its heavy porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates.

Weber Genesis E 410

With four burners and a little more, the Genesis II E-410 is basic gas grill. This model doesn’t have a side burner nor an option for putting one, regardless of the several extras Weber has to offer, like the tank scale to see how much fuel you have left and a lot of other accessories.

When the Genesis II E410 was released back in 2017, it came out to fill the gap of the Genesis three burners models, and at that point those products seemed irrelevant. Great features like an open cart design, Weber’s GS4 grilling system and overall good review from the users have made this product remain as a top contender in its class for the past year.

What Makes the 410 Great

The three burners grill model was the best of Genesis series until the 410 was introduced. For a way smaller price you can get the grilling space of Weber’s high end summit grills. You would need to pay a lot more to acquire a four burner style grill of Summit series.

The Spirit was a way better option than the Genesis if you wanted to stick to the three burner style in order to save money. They both have the similar specifications and Genesis wasn’t worth the waste of spending.

Weber has finally occupied the first position in this range with the amazing mid level option that the E-410 offers for those who want a four burner grill without paying the price of a high end grill. This is a major improvement for the brand.

This product has received tons of positive review for the evenly heating and its solid that construction makes it a durable unit. No other four burner grill option of other brands offer this features. The Genesis 410 is really worth the price.

The Negative Side

I love most of the features of this grill. It’s the best priced Weber product for the several things it has to offer. However, not everything is so good with it.

iGrill 3

Weber advertises iGrill 3 as a part of the appeal of buying for the grill despite not actually selling it with that feature. They leave the actual feature off after having the emblem for the feature directly on the product and promoting as part of the reason to buy it. Unknowing consumers may find this frustrating after they find out they have to purchase separately an accessory they assumed was included, and the fact that Weber constantly does this doesn’t make it any better.


When it comes to difficulty of assembly, this product put those Home Depot box grills to shame. Depending of your skill you it can take you hours to assembly this grill. If you’re inexperienced, it can take you all day, and this is frustrating if you’re looking forward to start grilling the same evening.

Lower Heat Output

A number of user have complaint about the 410 in regard to the lack of Sear Station Burner. The lack of this feature is more noticeable and annoying if you have already grilled on higher end Genesis grills or lower end Camp Chief grills with their infrared sear station. This definitely lowers the rating of the 410.

Weber Genesis II E-410 VS Weber Summit E 470

Upgrades you’ll get on the Summit vs the Genesis

  • Sear station burner
  • Side burner
  • Smaller cooking area
  • Stainless steel smoker box
  • Built-in rotisserie motor
  • Stainless steel cooking grates
  • Handle lights
  • Stainless steel flavorizer bars
  • Rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner
  • Grill cabinet
  • Stainless steel doors and covers
  • LED fuel gauge

And the best part is that the price tag is a really good deal for its value

The Summit is the grill you need if you want all the possible features you can get for a grill and to show off to your friends. If you want all the features you need with a couple of extras, all for a good value, you will want to stick with the 410.

Weber Genesis II E-410 Versus the Genesis II SE 410

The SE is the Special Edition of the Genesis II 410, this is an alternative version available that might cause a little confusion. The Special Edition costs around $70 bucks more than the original E 410, but it comes with stainless steel flavorizer bars and stainless steel cooking grates. It also comes with a Special Editiion badge on the right side of the grill table. This grill is only available for purchase in a certified Weber Alliance retailer, with this, Weber looks to help its retailers to compete against Amazon and Big Box stores.

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