Weber 2780301 Summit S-670 Review

The Summit are the barbecues that offer the most superior features to chefs. You can’t consider yourself a kitchen professional if you don’t have a steakhouse from the amazing Summit series. Nothing will get out of your hands when cooking on this device, everything will look exactly as you want, as it offers excellent control. It’s every real barbecue lover’s dream.

Almost all reviews and reviews on the websites gave the Weber grill ingender ratings higher than 4 stars, almost all of 5 stars. Considering that many of the reasons why some ratings didn’t reach 5 stars was because they contained customer service complaints, rather than a complaint regarding the steakhouse itself. And on second thought, this being a premium product, you should also offer more personalized and effective customer service of premium quality. But this is not Weber’s fault directly, as it is companies like Amazon that are responsible for customer service and packaging and delivery service.

As you’d expect, this steakhouse only has first-gamma features wherever you look. The perfect design of the stoves guarantees uniform cooking throughout the cooking area. Even when you have 6 powerful and capable stoves, they are not the only ones you have, as it comes with different extra burners for quite specific tasks. For example, the specialized burner to provide smoke and give the delicious flavor of smoke to your meats. A special burner for browning, ideal for chickens and white meats. Another burner it brings is an infrared burner located at the back, and an extra side burner. There are many spaces to be able to cook your meats just the way you want them.

A fairly remarkable advantage of this grill is how well it saves fuel consumption when you are cooking, definitely engineered to optimize the use of propane. This can save you a few dollars in the long run as you’ll have to change propane tanks less frequently. The valves are made with care and quality that allow you to accurately supply the amount of fuel needed for the required BTUs at any given time.

The materials of incredible quality guarantee that this grill will withstand any circumstance and pass the test of time. It is made for durability and efficiency.

You don’t have to worry about where you put your meats as the kitchen space is designed to spread the heat evenly throughout the grill, so wherever you place your steak will be roasted just as you want. The grilles also provide excellent heat transfer due to their excellent construction.

The size and space offered by this kitchen grill does not know a competitor in the market. Literally no other grill of any other brand offers what this excellent gas grill offers.

The simple fact that you can cook without any concern for space, lack of kitchen instruments, lack of power; makes you feel like a professional chef with all the experience and facilities possible.

By the way, you don’t have to be intimidated by its large size or anything like that. When you need to cook for a few people you can simply turn on the individual stoves and use only the power you need, passing your food through the smoker and giver to get exactly the same result.

The s670’s outer case is made entirely of stainless steel that ensures durability while offering a good look.

By purchasing this product you also get its great 10-year warranty that only excludes wear and tear, but everything else is covered. Although you will most likely never find yourself in need of this warranty.

Now let’s talk about things that could be considered a disadvantage about this steakhouse. The main and most noteworthy not very positive side of this product is the price. For most it can be exorbitant and compromising, but that’s right, everything about this grilling room is of premium quality and the top that can be achieved in a product of this style. So if you are looking for the best of experiences, this product is worth what it costs, and the great investment will be worth it.

There is a big difference between the advantages and functions offered by the S 670 over the S 660, so for such a short price difference, it is much more advisable to buy the S670.

The real difference between the E 670 and S 670 is that the S 670 has a stainless steel frame, but nothing more. The specific features, powers and prices are the same, so there are no differences in their performances.

Now, considering that the price of the E670 and S670 is the same, the S670 and its great glazed porcelain doors and lids are much more recommended. In the long run, the difference will become noticeable in the durability that these luxury materials guarantee, as well as how well they look.

Now, if we compare this grill with the LX S640 we realize that with a power of +3 BTU per hour per square foot, it has less heat power than the S 670, although with a total cooking surface greater than the S670. However, many of the specific features remain the same, such as stainless steel grilles, LED fuel indicator, doors and side tables, and stainless steel lid.

The Genesis series grill is priced lower than the Summit, with many of the same high-quality features, with full compatibility with the iGrill3 app, whose compatibility does not yet exist with the Summit 670.

If you are looking for the best of the best in terms of gas grills, with the best performance and the greatest power, and you want to save some money because your best option is to buy the Genesis 670. However, if you want a steakhouse that has even the slightest features with a premium finish, that even allows you to show off to your friends, the Summit 670 is the option you’re looking for.

If we count all the burners to roast this grill, we’d have a total of 10. It’s like without joining 2 mid-range grills in one, but with even more power. It contains all the features of a high-performance steakhouse. Smoke burner, infrared burner, brown burner and extra side burner. Everything, fully controllable in a simple and effective way from its practical control panel. This is without a doubt the best product developed by the Weber brand.


  • 6 main stainless steel burners with consistent heat
  • Construction made with high quality materials
  • It has support and guarantee of the Weber brand
  • Guaranteed durability with stainless steel finish


  • The light on the handle is less useful than it appears

This is the highest performance gas grill you can find on the market and that only Weber can offer. As far as the Summit series is concerned, which is the best of the best, you can purchase this premium steakhouse for a not very modest sum of approximately $2,600. It has 6 main stoves totaling 60,000 BTU, an extra side stove of 12,000 BTU, plus a smoke-producing stove, a dorating burner of 8,000 BTU and a 10,600 infrared BTU. I think it’s clear that, with this incredible power, it will leave nothing more to be desired.

These grills produce great heat for cooking with minimal fuel consumption, designed by Weber’s top engineers. The heat is uniform and fully controllable. Your roast will look exactly the way you want it, no matter its size.

On the handle is set a battery-powered light, which, although not as useful as it is promoted, will serve to see how your steak is looking. Really this is the only feature that could leave something to be desired.

It is difficult to get customers who file serious complaints regarding the quality of Weber grills, however, the company has a specialized customer service that works 24/07 to ensure the highest satisfaction of its customers.

This grill is definitely for what they take their barbecue seriously, for which they feel great passion with the kitchen, and those who are really professional.

Although the main promotion of this grill is that it has 6 burners, you actually have 10 burners, which you will find an incredible utility to get the best finish for your food.

The knobs to control the flow of gas and heat in the stoves are illuminated, plus you have an LED indicate the amount of fuel you have left, and the whole finish is made of stainless steel.

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