Traeger Grills for Sale

Traeger grills are known for their build quality and excellent results in terms of how well food is cooked. All of their grills use wood pellets as the source of heat, and in this way Traeger differ from other grill manufacturers who diversify their range with charcoal and propane grills. There are currently eight different Traeger grills for sale, in addition to a range of accessories.

The Texas Range

Traeger manufacture three similar Texas grills, each of which differ slightly in their specifications. The most advanced of the three is the Texas Grill, which is based on traditional Texas style wood cookers, but with very modern internal technology. It has a six hundred and forty-six square inch cooking area, and produces thirty-six thousand BTUs.

Slightly smaller are the Lil’ Tex and the Lil’ Tex Elite. Each of these grills has a cooking area of four hundred and eighteen square inches and produces twenty thousand BTUs. The Elite model has an advanced multi-positional digital thermostat control, upgraded wheels, and a durable powder coat finish.

The Junior

The Traeger Junior grill includes all of the features typically found with larger Traeger grills. It has an electronic auto-start function and the E-Z drain grease system. Both of these features add to the convenience and ease of use of this grill. The Junior is the smallest and least expensive of all Traeger grills.

It has a cooking area of two hundred and ninety-two square inches and produces nineteen thousand five hundred BTUs. All of these factors combine to make the Traeger Junior the perfect grill to use as an introduction to outdoor cooking using wood pellets.

The Lil’ Pig

The Traeger Lil’ Pig is a grill designed for those people who really enjoy outdoor cooking. It provides a sense of fun with its pig design and bright pink finish. When it comes to cooking, however, this grill is just as serious as any of the others in the Traeger range.

It features the same indirect heat technology to cook food to perfection, and a multi-positional digital thermostat control. With a BTU output of thirty-six thousand and a cooking area of four hundred and eighteen square inches this grill will meet the needs of most outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

Traeger XL

The XL is Traeger’s top of the range grill for the domestic market. It features a massive eight hundred and thirty-six square inch cooking area, and produces seventy-two thousand BTUs. It is perfect for neighborhood barbecues, as it can cook twenty-four chicken quarters or sixteen racks of baby back ribs at once. It also has all of the typical Traeger features, such as electronic auto-start ignition, and has a powder coat finish for extra durability.

Traeger Trailers

Traeger’s largest grills are their Double Commercial Trailer and their Large Commercial Trailer. These grills are obviously not designed for individual home owner use, but are instead perfect for satisfying hungry crowds due to their size.

The Double Commercial Trailer features two separate cooking areas of eight hundred and thirty-six square inches each, with a total BTU output of one hundred and forty-four thousand. The Large Commercial Trailer boasts four separate cooking areas that total an astonishing fifty square feet. It produces one hundred and eight thousand BTUs.

The range of Traeger grills for sale means that there is one to meet any requirement. Regardless of the model chosen, high build quality is guaranteed. In addition, the technology that is incorporated into the grills means that owners are able to consistently enjoy delicious food.

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