Top Espresso Machine

If you’re an avid coffee lover and have decided to try your hand at making your own espresso, there are a few factors to take into consideration. The best espresso machine will be a model that is easy for you to use, low maintenance and a model that is able to consistently provide you with excellent tasting brew. There are a few different kinds of espresso machines: manual, semi auto and super auto. Here we will educate you on the differences of each type, while also taking an in-depth look at some of the best espresso machines that are produced by Delonghi, Breville and Gaggia.

The manual espresso machine is a difficult machine to learn how to use if you’re a novice, so it’s only recommended for professionals as it can be extremely difficult to create consistently good espresso each time.

Semi-automatic machines are the most popular type of models and represent an excellent compromise between the quality of coffee they can produce and the skillset that’s required to operate them. With these machines you are able to brew your espresso with the touch of a button, but you’ll still be required to work on getting the beans ground into the desired consistency. This type of espresso machine will produce good quality espresso, as long as the user is willing to invest some time into developing their coffee making technique.

The super automatic espresso machines are significantly more expensive than manual or semi auto models. These machines will typically come equipped with built in burr coffee bean grinders, hot water dispensers and dual boilers that allow the user to pull continuous shots. This type of machine is an excellent choice for those new to making coffee, however as mentioned, they can be quite spendy.

A capsule espresso machine is a popular type of model that requires you to purchase flavored capsules of coffee which you insert into the machine. It doesn’t take much skill to use this type of machine and the espresso it produces is much weaker than the coffee that’s produced by other types of espresso machine models.

A pod espresso machine is similar to capsule espresso machines and also doubles as a semi auto model. It gives the user a quick and clean way to make espresso, by simply inserting a pod into the portafilter and running hot water through it by pushing a button.

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