RI9828 47 Talea Touch Plus versus Syntia Focus Review 2018

RI9828 47 Talea Touch Plus Automatic Espresso Machine

Product: RI9828 47 Talea Touch Plus Automatic Espresso Machine

Manufacturer: Phillips Saeco

Dimension / Weight: 19 x 15 x 18 inches ; 25.3 pounds

The Phillips Saeco RI982847 Talea Touch is a beaut! That means its good. It is a totally automatic machine with a convenient touch screen control. You can control not only the size of the offering but also the strength of the brew. The RI982847 requires only a twist of a knob to control the strength of your beverage.

Other features of the Talea Touch Plus espresso machine include a 57oz tank that draws from an Intenza water filter to ensure you get consistently delicious results. The drip tray has been automated to lift your cups to the proper height for clean and efficient dispensing.

The RI982847 Talea Touch Plus has a rapid steam system so there is no or little wait to dispense steam to frothe the milk with a Parnarrello attachment for perfect espresso.

The Talea Touch Plus Espresso center is a beautiful machine and highly regarded by those who love espresso, cappuccino and other popular coffee drinks.

RI9828 47 Talea Touch Plus Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews

The reviews of the RI9828 47 Talea Touch Plus Automatic Espresso Machine are 60% excellent. As with most professional grade coffee systems, they do make a great cup of coffee. They do it consistently day after day, month after month and year after year. They are complicated machines and do need a certain amount of care.

The negative review stem from two sources. One is the machine was bad from the start. This is more a problem of quality control at the factory than the design of the machine. The respondents noted that service was quick and covered shipping costs to and from the facility. It is recommended if you purchase this type of equipment, test it thoroughly right away. Most problems that are going to show up surface immediately. Rather than get frustrated trying to make it work, send it in or exchange it immediately.

Syntia Focus Automatic Espresso Machine

Product: Syntia Focus Automatic Espresso Machine

Manufacturer: Saeco

Dimension / Weight: 16.5 x 13 x 18 inches ; 9 pounds

The Syntia Focus Espresso Machine was designed and priced for home use. It has professional features like LED display and a ceramic disk grinder that shuts off automatically when done.

All the components in the Syntia Focus such as the tank, drip trays, etc are accessible from the front so its not necessary to move it away from the wall for maintenance unlike many other machines. This alone gives it an advantage over bigger more expensive machines.

The Syntia Focus Espresso Machine is a very attractive automatic espresso machine fashioned from stainless steel and painted for a very modern and stunning look. The Syntia Focus espresso machine will impress your family and friends with its ability to brew perfect cups of espresso, latte and cappuccino flawlessly for year.

Syntia Focus Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews

The reviews of the Syntia Focus Automatic Espresso Machine are decidedly positive with 60% of reviewers giving it an excellent rating. This is due to Saeco’s dedication to producing a quality coffee or espresso machine at a reasonable price. Quality of construction and the ability to deliver delicious espresso or other coffee drinks easily and quickly is mentioned over and over again.

The lone negative review was from a reviewer who wanted it less automatic. This can be problematic for serious coffee drinkers as they can tell minute differences in the mix. Automatic coffee makers are designed for the masses and do not do with people who like to fiddle with the settings to minutiae. These folks should by a more professional grade machine at a higher price to give them additional control over the final product.

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