Nespresso D120 Espresso Machine Review 2018

Coffee lovers will love this Nespresso D120 because they can make all the coffee they want every day. With this coffee maker, they can make the exact flavor just like the way they want it. If they don’t like sweet, they can cut off the sugar. If they want it black, they can add the coffee as much as they want to.

In short, the D120 will bring a new experience to coffee lovers.

Nespresso D120 Features and Specs

Having a regular coffee maker is not something special, but having Nespresso D120 is certainly different. With this coffee maker, people won’t only be able to mix their own recipe, but they’re also able to do it perfectly and flawlessly because the coffee maker offers something special and different. The D120 specs and features are:

  • It’s an automatic coffee machine that is equipped with coffee capsules
  • Users can also create coffee milk mix because it incorporates Aeroccino technology, which is also easy to operate.
  • It comes equipped with removable water tank of one liter. It also has energy saving system that will use power efficiently.
  • It has pump system with 19 bar pump.
  • It’s not really big, with total dimension of 14 x 9 x 11-inches so it’s movable and light.

Based on all those specifications above, it’s not surprising that Nespresso D120 coffee maker is very popular. It’s very beneficial and handy.

Most people who have bought the Nespresso D120 are thrilled and happy with their purchase. Having regular coffee maker is a common thing, but it’s uncommon to have a coffee maker that can make espresso so perfectly and deliciously. The good thing users like from this coffee maker is that it’s also easy to clean. They don’t find any sticky residue or any disgusting thing. And they’re also amazed with the frother, a part of the machine that makes frothy milk. They don’t know how the frothy came to existence but they like it and they don’t want it to change that’s why they love this espresso machine.

But, just like any other great products, the Nespresso D120 also has its flaws. Some products are available with broken frother, so they can’t make frothy milk. However, these people can always return the coffee maker to the manufacturer and ask for new unbroken machine, thanks to the warranty. Or they can have a separated frother. Nevertheless, they love Nespresso D120 and they think it’s one of the best investments they make in coffee department.

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