Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 Review

The following is a more basic gas grill. With this what you get is a more constant and highest heat. It can be said that like the Weber Genesis, it is a high quality steakhouse with fewer features than the competition’s high-end barbecues. It’s basically made for those who just want to cook, without so many details or extras.


  • The stoves are made of high quality stainless steel
  • The grille grille sgrills are made of stainless steel coated with heavy porcelain
  • Features a high-quality finish and durability


  • For a basic intermediate-level steakhouse, the price is quite high

It consists of 4 burners built of stainless steel that provide a heat power of 12,000 BTU each. It has a cooking space of 500 square inches a total kitchen area of 760 square inches. Comes with automatic electric ignition system called”Jetfire”. The grills on the grill are coated in heavy porcelain that make cleaning easier and prevent food from sticking. The finish of the grill case is made of stainless steel alloys, cast aluminium and enamelled porcelain steel.

This is a product manufactured in Canada by Napoleon Grills. The Napoleon P500 is the most basic steakhouse in the Prestige line of steakhouses. It is the evolution of an even more basic grill, since this one now brings 4 burners and the total space to cook is much wider. It was sought to produce more heat while taking great care in the distribution and transfer of heat throughout the cooking area. So, being a grill that doesn’t offer many extras, it’s an excellent option offered by Napoleon’s maraca.

In the end it doesn’t matter how much heat a gas grill can produce if it is not able to properly distribute that heat and provide a good cooking system. Although many companies pay attention to offering details that are not indispensable at the end of the day, Napoleon has focused on what really matters: cooking. They have paid attention especially to the construction of the burners, making them with an excellent stainless steel alloy that help keep the grill temperature high and uniform over the entire cooking area. The resulting heat transfer is remarkable.

The construction with which Napoleon has made these barbecues, as well as the materials used, has nothing to envy of more famous and traditional brands like Weber.

This propane grill is mounted on a cart, and you can get it at an incredible price. It also has several dual-level dorar plates made of stainless steel and infrared side burners, with an impressive total power of 85,000 BTU.

On one side of the grill you can get built-in infrared burners that can reach the incredible temperature of a thousand degrees. The temperature and potency of this burner can be reduced to get the desired effect on meat, and is thought to melt butter, cheeses, or heat sauces. The grille is made of sturdy cast iron that could burn meats instead of browning, so it is recommended to replace it with a more delegated metal grille so this doesn’t happen.

In addition to the four main burners of this steakhouse, you also have the four protectors made of stainless steel, as well as as as many other shields that will prevent damage to the grill and make your meat burnt, and leave more room for fat and juices evaporate. You’ll be even warmer if you work on the back of the grille.

Napoleon offers as a complementary accessory a basket that will allow you to cook your vegetables, cubed meats and seafood more easily. Another cool extra accessory sold separately is the skewer to cook your meats as kebab. The grill motor is quite robust and the grill itself offers plenty of space, so we recommend that you order a couple of additional forks to be able to use all the precious space.

The lid is made of double manufacturing to retain much more heat and make your meals cookbetter. The combustion chamber is made of cast aluminum and the entire external structure is made of 304 stainless steel of the highest quality. Thus, you will not have to worry about the durability of this product, because as you can see, it is more than guaranteed.

You have two side shelves to store your accessories and tools, also made of stainless steel, with thick and sturdy plastic lids and hooks to hold your forks and knives. You also have additional hooks inside the cabinets.

To clean this grill, you have a drip tray that you can discard by removing it from the front of the grill. The most is that this tray is very small and you will have to be removing it very often.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer placed the grill burner directly under the heating grille, which is definitely a design defect.

Napoleon P500RSIBPSS Prestige propane grille with rear and side infrared burner Stainless steel doors and LidPros : Napoleon is a well-known brand that consumers have come to trust. The included lifetime warranty was a great selling point for this model, as was the countless accessory options, such as the smoke tube and charcoal tray, that make this grille more versatile compared to other models in this range prices. The double-coated grill lid opens easily and works to retain heat for oven-shaped cooking. The grille’s stainless steel burner tubes are ignited by a jet ignition, which works reliably and is made of high-strength materials.

Many users who have been using this product for a long time have commented that the lighters of the stoves began to oxidize after only 6 months of use. Another common complaint was the small thing the drip tray was, as users had to remove the tray very often so that it would not overfill. Another thing that displeased customers a lot was that the accessories get too hot and there is no way to handle them once they are in use. But the main complaint that has been received from this product is the price, many consider it too high for what it actually offers. However, others reason that because of the large amount of BTU and much wider cooking space than the barbecues of other brands of the same level, the price is adequate. Of course, if you’re looking for a much more powerful grill like this and offers more, you should check out Weber Genesis’ gas grill.

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