Manual or Home Espresso Machine

Manual Espresso Machine

There are many machines buyers can purchase today to make a great espresso. Many high end stores have a wide variety of automatic coffee machine products you can purchase that does everything for you. There are other espresso coffee grinders that will grind your coffee into a nice blend of delicious coffee. For some coffee lovers, none of these new automated machines taste great. They would rather purchase a manual espresso machine.

These units are also known as lever espresso machines, as the operator has to make the espresso themselves. They are not as easy to use as some of the other units on the market, but for some coffee lovers, the experience of making a great espresso is still important.

Here are three tips to choosing the best machine for your home.

  • The more expensive units tend to last longer and have more features.
  • Price matters when you are purchasing a new machine. The brand name of an expensive espresso maker is just a small reason for the high price. The high end machines tend to be made from high quality parts, so this means you can use the same unit for many years. Expensive manual units also tend to have more adjustments and features you can use to make the perfect espresso for your taste buds.
  • Consider the amount of time you have in the morning. An individual that is retired or works in the evenings has more time to make their perfect drink in the morning. If you are on the go in the morning, you will need to make extra time in the morning to mix up your perfect beverage.
  • Determine if you like a lot of variety in your espresso drinks, or if you just like the same drink every morning. Some people like the flexibility to make a different beverage every day. If this is you, then a manual unit is going to be the best option. Automated machines tend to make the same beverages every morning, so they do not allow users the flexibility to change the mix of ingredients.
    There are many benefits of using a manual espresso machine. Make sure to purchase your product at a reputable dealer or specialty website that specializes in selling great espresso and coffee machines.

Home Espresso Machine

The luxury of an home espresso machine with the convenience and comfort of your own kitchen is tempting, but there are several different kinds of machines, each with its own advantages, capabilities, and price ranges.

Simplest of all are stove-top devices, usually called “Moka Pots”. The burner turns the water to steam, which is forced up through the coffee above it. There are not many bells and whistles offered on these models, but they require nearly zero maintenance and are inexpensive.

Slightly more complex (and expensive) are piston-action machines. The pressure these designs offer is limited only by the strength of your arm, and maintenance is, again, not very demanding. The quality of the espresso will arrange from mid- to low-quality, and the idea of pumping your drink by hand may not seem appealing, but they are fairly quiet, unobtrusive machines.

Steam-powered espresso machines heat their own water to create the pressure required, and are thus slightly higher in price and ability. Steam-powered models tend to be the smallest and sleekest, and the actual process of making the espresso is very simple and very quick. The only significant problem with these machines lies in the steam—the pressure level can be inconsistent, which results in varying qualities of espressos.

Finally, the crème da le crème of espresso machines is the pump-style machine. They are the most expensive—most espresso machines you’ll find at cafés use a pump like these. Ones you can buy for your home will be smaller, but often not by very much, and can be noisy and demand some more intricate maintenance. However, no other models can compete for the quality of drink that they can, when taken care of, produce.

With these ideas in mind, you can decide which type of home espresso machine suits you best, and which will be most likely to occupy that spot on your kitchen counter.

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