Espresso Coffee Maker

Espresso Coffee Maker – A Great Espresso Is Just a Cup Away

So, you want to make gourmet coffee? You should try a espresso coffee maker. You will be able to enjoy the taste of an exotic coffee style made famous in Italy in the early 1900s.

There are a huge variety of espresso machines on the market. There are simple espresso makers that you can put on the stove. These are very basic and only require you to add only coffee and water. Once the coffee is cooked on the stove, you remove it and add the heated milk yourself.

Other machines can be quite expensive, take up a lot of counter space, but can do everything including adding the sugar, milk and foam. All you have to do is tell it how many cups you want and add a sprinkle of cocoa, cinnamon or nutmeg for a little flair.

There are many other models you can buy too. There are a variety of styles, sizes and prices to compare. There are manual lever, semi-automatic, full automatic and even super-automatic machines on the market. It depends what level of a cappuccino drinking experience you expect from your machine.

The secret to good espresso is the coffee beans. You should always start by purchasing a good, full-bodied coffee and grind your own beans. Air starts the oxidation process as soon as the beans are ground. That means your coffee can taste stale if you don’t use the ground beans immediately. For the best espresso, you should grind only the amount of coffee you need right now.

Another important ingredient is the water. If you use tap water, the chemical taste can destroy the beauty of your brew. Using bottled water will help bring out the true flavor of the espresso without adding any unnecessary tastes.

The temperature and texture of the milk you use will also add to the flavor of your cappuccino espresso. If the milk is not hot enough, it will lessen the flavor.

Some people enjoy cappuccino espresso iced. In this case, you want to make the milk foam very cold to add to the experience.

If you want to serve your cappuccino espresso in the most traditional manner, you should serve it hot, in a porcelain cup with a saucer. Of course, more modern methods use clear glass cups or mugs. Iced cappuccino espresso should be served in a tall glass with a straw.

How often you drink cappuccino espresso is a consideration. If you are making a large investment, you probably plan on consuming it on a regular basis. When you purchase your espresso coffee maker, always consider the price, space it will occupy in your kitchen, and how much work you want the machine to do for you.

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