DeLonghi ESAM6600 Gran Dama Digital Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Review 2018

DeLonghi Espresso Machine – ESAM6600 Overview

Almost everyone finds it hard to get out of the bed and to prepare for work early in the morning unless they get a coffee from Delonghi Espresso Machine. They need something that can awaken their senses and perk them up for another long day at work. This is where the importance of Delonghi espresso machine comes in. Delonghi espresso machine can quickly brew your coffee and give you the long-lasting energy bursts you deserve after a rejuvenating 8-hour sleep.

What makes this coffee maker stand out from other espresso machines? This detailed review will tell you exactly how this device can deliver cup after cup of great tasting coffee.

Delonghi Espresso Machine ESAM6600 – Features and Specifications

Delonghi espresso machine is packed with all the features you will ever need from a reliable coffee maker. Its fully automated feature can speed up your morning routines and make you feel more enthusiastic to finish your daily grind. Delonghi espresso machine also has a superior heating technology, direct-brew system, and user-friendly menu settings that can make it easier for you to prepare espresso shots in every possible way.

DeLonghi Espresso Machine’s programmable menu settings can eliminate all the hassle from preparing cups of stimulating coffee. It has options for adjusting brewing time and additional controls for water temperature and hardness. It also has five different settings for preparing extra-strong, strong, mild, extra-mild, and regular coffee strengths. You will enjoy how this machine can prepare every cup of coffee according to your own needs and and standards with the help of DeLonghi espresso machine.

This model also comes with advanced options for making cappuccino, latte, and Italian macchiato. Delonghi espresso machine possesses a single touch feature and a 25-ounce milk container that can automatically process frothed or steamed milk for gourmet-tasting coffee. With this machine, you will never need to rush to coffee shops every morning just to have a taste of your daily dose of caffeine.

Delonghi espresso machine also has sophisticated functions for cleaning the entire system at one push of a button. It is also equipped with a detachable container that can help you save a lot of space in your refrigerator. Its dishwasher-safe parts will allow you to give the machine the care it deserves without wasting your time and effort.

Unlike other coffee makers, DeLonghi Espresso Machine combines an advanced Thermoblock technology and a space-saving direct-brewing system for preparing consistent cups of coffee. It can easily distribute heat towards the entire system to ensure the freshest cups of lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos. After pressing its control buttons and placing your cup under its nozzle, you can easily get the perfect coffee mixes that can perk you up for another tiring day.

Delonghi espresso coffee maker has every feature needed to ensure the freshest cups of coffee or espresso. Its conical grinder can produce the best espressos you will ever taste by consistently grinding coffee beans. You can use its grinder settings to estimate the fineness needed for grinding different types of coffee. With its instant reheat function, its machine can keep ideal temperatures for brewing and keeps your coffee hot all throughout the day.

These are only some of Delonghi’s advanced features and specifications. Despite its small space-saving design, it will never let you down when it comes to brewing high-quality espressos, lattes, and other energizing coffee drinks.

Is Delonghi Espresso Machine really worth a try?

If you want to know whether Delonghi espresso machine is worth every penny it costs, you have to start browsing through the reviews written by its customers. This way, you can gain a wider perspective regarding how well it works in brewing different sizes and types of coffee. Here are some of the most common comments from this coffee makers previous users.

Most customers prefer this brand to other automatic espresso machines because of its stainless steel construction and stylish design. They loved how well its sleek casing was able to complement and unify all the elements in their kitchen. Unlike other machines, it was neither too big nor too small to handle all their brewing needs.

This machine also stands out because of its excellent one-touch operation and user-friendly controls. Although its out-of-the-box settings are ideal for brewing excellent cups of lattes and cappuccinos, most users preferred using its programmable settings to brew coffee according to their needs and preferences.

Aside from its efficiency in grinding and brewing coffee, most users also loved its simple yet user-friendly design. Delonghi has a detachable milk container that can be easily stored inside a refrigerator after use. It was able to easily snap in place every time they needed to prepare steamed or frothed milk for their coffee. Most customer reviews say one thing no other super automatic machine can perform as well as Delonghi espresso machine does.

The bottom line

These are only some of the best features of the revolutionary DeLonghi Espresso Machine ESAM6600 Gran Dama. Although you will need to purchase the right cup sizes to make the most out of this device, you will definitely enjoy every cup of coffee that a Delonghi espresso machine can create.

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