DeLonghi BAR32 Espresso Machine Review 2018

DeLonghi BAR32 is a 35-ounce espresso maker which utilizes pump-driven technology. It is designed with a wide space coffee filter and drip tray which enables you to fill coffee into mugs. It is loaded with ESE (Easy Serving “Expresso”) to make serving a cup of espresso coffee quick and easier. Making espresso has never been easier like this.

DeLonghi BAR32 is also equipped with Sempre Crema filter which is pretty useful and effective in making a frothy milk for coffee latte, cappuccino, and some other coffee. Its 35-ounce water tanks allow you to make a lot of coffee without the need to refill in a short time. It is also completed with an anti-drip design.

DeLonghi is a manufacturer well-known because their quality coffee maker products. Almost of their coffee makers got good reviews from customers. How about this one?

DeLonghi BAR32 Features/Specifications

  • Retro – Pump Driven Machine – 35 ounce of water
  • Wide Coffee Filter & Drip Tray-enables use of mugs.
  • Patented Easy Serving Espresso can be used with coffee pods.
  • Sempre Crema Filter produces a creamy froth for use with ground coffee.
  • Swivel Jet Frother makes frothy milk for cappuccino, latte & other beverages.

What customer said on DeLonghi BAR32 espresso maker?

DeLonghi BAR32 got great reviews on Amazon. There are over 200+ positive customer reviews given for this espresso maker and only a few people giving it low stars. In majority, customers are happy with their purchase.

Some reviewers are happy of DeLonghi BAR32. For under $100 in Amazon, it’s hard for us to find an espresso maker that’s got so many features (and also rave reviews) like this. You’ll find some great espresso maker out there, but the price is not as affordable as this one.

Reviewers of this espresso maker expressed the benefits having this machine and gave it high stars. Customer reports claimed that DeLonghi BAR32 produced very good espresso. Not only espresso, some users also reported the use of DeLonghi BAR32 to make cappuccino, mocha coffee, and café latte, in which they were satisfied. One reviewer said that this is his first time to experience using a coffee maker and he was able to produce a good espresso. It is also easy to use and easy to clean.

A major drawback of DeLonghi BAR32 is when you get the machine and it doesn’t work and you’re returning it to the manufacturer for repair. Some reviewers who experienced this reported that the manufacturer took a long time to repair it. One reviewer even waited for 4 months.

The problem of this machine not working is a rare case because a lot of other reviewers reported that they found it to be still working well after a few years of use. Based on this fact, we’re assuming that some of the users who gave bad reviews were receiving defect item. This isn’t  a thing that can be totally avoided in every mass-production activity. However, we can suggest the company to hasten their service process for more customer satisfaction.

Finally, DeLonghi BAR32 stand as good espresso machine with an affordable price and we would like to recommend it for you.

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