Breville’s Barista Express BES860XL Machine with Grinder Review 2018

Breville is one of the brands that has established authority in the world when it comes to their espresso machines and coffeemakers. With every model they release, they are making sure it stands out in the world market. One of their recent releases is the Barista Express BES860XL Machine with Grinder that became one of the most bought espresso machines in the world. For sure, everyone has his own reason in choosing a coffeemaker; others may look for a sleek design, while some might focus more on the functionalities. But whatever their reasons are, the Breville BES860XL Barista Express Machine would always be a perfect choice for everyone who loves coffee or espresso.

Breville BES860XL also makes sure that their espresso machines are competitive in whatever aspect a consumer looks at it. But just like other machines out in the market today, it also has notable features and special functionalities. Here are some of the features that will surely make you happy if you get yourself one of these.

Breville Barista Express BES860XL Machine Features

1. Manual and Programmable Settings – most people want a machine to be fully automatic as not to exert too much effort when doing something. Breville made this model to be programmable to automate the process for your convenience. However, should automation is not a necessity for you, you can also manually set it.

2. Removable Water Tank – while other brands made water tanks fixed on their machines, Breville does understand that water tanks should be movable for easy cleaning. The good thing is that the tank is big enough to handle 67 ounces of water with filtration system to make liquid cleaner and purer.

3. 15-Bar Thermoblock Pump – it has an Italian-designed pump to provide you with smoother crema. If you care much about the taste of your espresso, then you know that the smoother the crema becomes, the better the taste will be.

4. Sealed Bean Hopper – it is capable of holding 8 ounces of beans which can make enough amount of coffee or espresso for everyone in your office or at home.

5. Integrated Conical Burr Grinder – if there is one thing other machines don’t have, it is the grinder. It is powerful enough to deliver a finished product in less than two minutes. With this, you don’t have to wait longer. Should you want to clean it, you can easily dismantle it.

6. Excellent Steaming – it has a perfect steaming temperature that works very well with its frothing jug; there is little excess of water along the process. Besides, steaming temperature is also important to deliver a perfect taste.

Overall, the Breville BES860XL Machine with Grinder could be a perfect choice to give you something to cherish in the morning or something to look forward the day after. Moreover, you can even call this espresso machine your best friend in the morning while enjoying your paper. In short, Breville Barista Express can also be among the best coffee machines in the market today. You should try it.

Here are a couple of reviews from Breville Fanatics :

Jeremy – Top of the Line!!
– I’ve conducted a thorough research both online and offline — with visits to actual stores to inspect / compare real products.
This machine is extremely well-built, with the highest material / quality standards that you’d otherwise expect in comparable machines costing $2,000-5,000.
Their dual filter design makes it near fool-proof to produce consistently good quality espressos. I wish more people knew about this machine – unfortunately, it may not be the best known brand and therefore sometimes goes unnoticed.
I also bought it at Bed, Bath and Beyond using their 20% discount coupon, which brings down the price to $480. Absolutely amazing deal. Don’t look for anything else.
We’ve used this product for the past month or so, and it has completely changed how we begin the day. Thanks Breville !!!

Tyler – Great Espresso Machine!
-I used to be a barista, so I was looking for something semi-professional. The Breville Barista Express is just that – a high quality, well built, user friendly, attractively designed machine. It features equipment options that accommodate the novice user and equipment options for the more experienced user.

Be prepared to have to experiment with the settings a few times before you achieve the perfect espresso (especially if you are working with the equipment/settings for the experienced). Have patience – it does take some finessing.

I love that it has the coffee bean storage bin – very convenient. The grinder is amazing (putting out a superfine grind).

The water storage tank is a generous size so you don’t have to refill it constantly.

All in all, I am extremely happy with this purchase – the Breville Barista Express made a wonderful addition to my kitchen, and I highly recommend it.

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