Breville Barista BES 870 Express Review 2018

In this Breville Barista Express review we’ll take a look at how this machine performs, what consumers had to say and we’ll also learn where you can find this model for the most affordable price. Consumers feel that this machine is the best value for your money and it features a built-in grinder, which allows you to simply pour in the beans and you’re set for a week. This is a great feature as most coffee machines will require you to purchase one separately. A relatively small model, this Breville espresso machine won’t take up a lot of counter space and will fit unobtrusively on a small part of your counter. This machine is built like a tank and has a reputation for quality, featuring an integrated conical burr grinder and dosing control, delivering the optimum path for rich and thick cream in two minutes or less.

The filter is non-pressurized café style and allows the user to experiment with the grind size, and the tamping pressure will allow users to explore in-depth the art of making espresso. The tamper is magnetized and will lock in place, allowing you to safely store it for future use. This model also comes with a fifteen bar Italian designed thermoblock pump, a sealed bean hopper that is able to hold eight ounces, an integrated grinder, removable 67 ounce water reservoir, and it also gives you the option of manual or programmable settings. The dosing controls and built in grinder will deliver fresh espresso beans in under sixty seconds. The preset dose of espresso beans are delivered straight to the machine’s portafilter, in order to maximize the cream production with each extraction. These features will provide you with delicious tasting espresso every time.

Functionality and features of the Breville Barista Express

This machine’s controls, body and tamping head have been constructed using high quality zinc and aluminum. Unlike thin pressed metals, a die-cast construction will mold molten metals at an intense temperature. The end result is a machine with a refined finished that is highly durable. The built-in grinder has grind size controls that allows you accurately adjust the fineness of the grind, in order to obtain the correct water dispersion. This feature is activated by the machines simple one touch grinding cradle, which also offers an auto-stop feature.

With almost five inches of clearance, this model is designed to accommodate larger coffee cups or travel mugs, which makes it ideal for not only espresso but also for a variety of coffee drinks, such as lattes, cappuccinos and Americanos.

This model’s programmable controls will allow for automatic dispensing for the same amount of coffee or espresso every time.

The fifteen bar triple prime pump will automatically release a few bursts of hot water into the machine’s filter head, which causes the ground espresso or coffee pod to expand. This results in increased pressure, which allows the machine to extract more cream, giving the espresso a smooth and rich texture and intense flavor.

The included stainless steel steam wand is swivel ball mounted and allows the user to position their cup as they need to, in order to achieve the maximum amount of froth. The thermoblock boiler system will maintain the water at an ideal temperature during the extraction process. While the espresso is steaming it will reach a temperature of over 250 degrees and the unique auto purge function will release a pre-measured amount of steam, which will return the temp to an optimal level.

Final Thoughts: How this Model Rated with Consumers

Overall, this model received five out of five stars from consumers, who loved all of the programmable automatic features that allowed them to expertly produce high quality espresso every time.

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