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Here at theamericanhouse.net, we take pride in our extensive knowledge of barbeques and we aim to share this passion to our valued readers. Perking up your barbeque parties the right way as they are fun is the very reason we never stop in our quest of bringing you only the best methods and up-to-date technologies in the BBQ world. As barbeque enthusiasts and masters of the grill, we never settle for anything less. You are assured of the best available information about everything BBQ.

However, as there are many kinds of barbeque equipment available in the market today, we acknowledge that finding the right product that can rise to the occasion is such a tall order. From the traditional and widely used charcoal grills down to the modern state-of-the-art electric grills, pellet smokers, and fryers of today; knowledge of emerging technologies, keeping tabs on various improvements, and by dedicating time to stay informed on products that work and are guaranteed to serve its purpose is what we thrive on. We are passionate about barbeques and we love everything about it. And we are honored to impart this knowledge to all our readers.

Theamericanhouse website, how does it help?

In a world where people are in constant pursuit of much healthier choices without compromising the taste of their food, grilling remains to be the most loved and preferred methods of cooking across the globe. Grilled meat is savory, juicy, less fatty, and known to retain nutrients better than boiled or fried ones.

We help by providing our readers with valuable information and various tips on how to find the right BBQ equipment suited to their needs. We explore various BBQ equipment, put them under real-life tests and conduct a side by side comparison of each product. From there, we document their performances and present factual and correct information on our website for our readers to learn from and enjoy. The research, time, and effort we put in on each one of them ensure you get only the best BBQ equipment that’s guaranteed to withstand the test of time.

What works and how do we know it?

The answer is simple. Our passion for BBQ is the driving force behind our success. We personally explored and tested each equipment to a tee. The time we spent collecting data/reviews and testing various aspects of BBQ equipment ensures all information provided here are honest, unbiased, correct, and factual. It aims to help you make informed choices on products you intend to purchase. Manufacturers, vendors, or products, in particular, were not favored in any way. Product recommendations in this site were based on hours of research, customer reviews based on personal experiences with the products, and providing reviews corroborated by experts and professionals.

Prices of different products are also accessible here. Be on the lookout for the best deals on every product. You deserve the best!

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